March 23, 2005

killing it softly

Have you ever noticed that every single one of Pearl Buck's novels weigh in at about 300 pages? Even though, in all honesty, each one boils down to enough details, symbols, historical references, conflicts and intergenerational conflicts to fill out a thin pamphlet? Yeah, it's crazy, right?


1. Jennifer Lara has a record you can probably find. I don't remember what it is called because it is across the room and I am, quite literally, buried under a stack of Pearl Buck's terrible and terribly long books.

2. This record is one of those shady Studio One 're-presses,' so it comes in a cardboard sleeve held together by providence rather than glue, a plastic inner sleeve that seems designed to annoy rather than protect, and a record that looks like it's been cleaned with a toothbrush, only instead of bristles there is a Brillo pad attached to the end.

3. Jennifer Lara also appeared on some of those nice Rhythm & Sound records on Basic Channel, then later Asphodel. "Queen in My Empire" is the one.

4. This is called "A Woman" and this is called "A Change is Gonna Come" (no relation to Sam Cooke).


Posted by Hua at March 23, 2005 01:29 AM